Heart & Soul Devotional 

15-day devotional for Christian athletes that teaches mental skills through scripture and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 
Heart & Soul believes reaching peak performance requires the training of the mind, body, and spirit. 
Topics include:
  • Identity
  • Confidence
  • Resilience 
  • Leadership
  • Team Dynamics
  • Performance anxiety
  • and more!
Each day explains sport psychology concepts, how Jesus exemplified these qualities, includes scripture readings, and discussion questions for further reflection in individual or group settings. Athletes walk away growing in their life of worship and their athletic performance.

"Heart and Soul Devotional became a staple in my day. I chose to dedicate time to it just before workouts or training, so that I would be in the right frame of mind. It helped to remind me that what I "do" shouldn't define who I am or confuse me about who I belong to. The devotional keeps in perspective that I'm a child of God and the condition of my soul is more important than my performance on the court."

- AJ Hatchett, Student-Athlete/Founder of IAM Performance Co.

"Awesome 28 page, 15-day devotional. Highly recommend for people who lack confidence in whatever they do. This book will build your mental toughness day by day. Great discussion questions for each day."

- Willie, Air Force fire fighter & Investor

"I really enjoyed the "Heart and Soul" Devotional.  It is an insightful look at sports and competition followed with scripture.  My favorite was Day 14.  A great reminder that everything we do should glorify God and we only need to worry about (AO1).  I highly recommend this devotional, it's not only for athletes."

- Jaime Langworthy, Competitive Shooter

"The Heart and Soul Devotional is a must for student-athletes to understand their purpose and identity within the context of competitive sports. In addition, the devotional will provide them a God-centered view on how to be resilient, mentally strong, and overcome adversity."

- Roger Kitchen Jr., Mental Skills Coach/ Founder of Power Mental Performance

"The great thing about this book is it's relatable to everyday situations. The analogies go deeper than sports and translate over into our lives. We all have room to improve spiritually. This 15 day devotional is a great guide to identify areas of improvement within our soul."

- Sean Fenner, Former Men's Basketball Coach at William Jessup University

  • Available to be guest speaker at any sport ministry events (FCA huddles, camps, etc)

  • Add the devotional to your high school or club team spirit pack! (individuals and team spirit packs)

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